What is this thing I call Happy Mail

So when I started with Plunder Design in January 2015 I started and grew a team right away. Which I named TEAM SHINE ON. I have always loved giving gifts and lil tokens to make others feel happy.  So right away I started to send my Plunder girls Gifts and I then started calling it HAPPY MAIL 😃

My girls get Happy Mail for no reason at all and I think that’s the best part of it. If they share a selfie they might get Happy Mail, if they helped another stylist they might get Happy Mail, just sharing the Plunder love could get them Happy Mail. It’s been an amazing journey to be able to gift others. I love seeing my girls SMILE when they receive a little Happy.

I had these amazing bags made for my New girls on jane here’s the link https://jane.com/deal/306719/trendy-personalized-cosmetic-toys-bags 

I love sending my New girls who have decided to join me a little bit of Happy, this is what makes me HAPPY 😃

16 thoughts on “What is this thing I call Happy Mail

  1. Amanda Morgan says:

    Wow! That is so nice! Every once in a while it is nice to receive something you weren’t expecting but it also such a blessing to give to others just because. So excited to join the Pluder sisterhood & follow your blog.

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  2. Jennifer Tedder says:

    I myself am a newbie of only 2 weeks and am having a blast with this company! I love each and every piece and everyone is always so wonderful and willing to help us new plunder girls out! Happy mail will always be a plus and exciting surprise when you love your jewelry!
    Thank you Tonya for all you do!!!! ❤❤

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  3. Jessica says:

    Thank you Tonya for helping all of us girls out. It is hard sometimes to get new endeavors up and running and receiving Happy Mail may be just the little bit of encouragement that someone needs. Thank you for all you do!! ❤️️

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