Sometimes you don’t know that your missing something in your life until you receive it.  Being an only child I always had a lot of friends. So to have an extended family with my Plunder design sisters is such a gift. It’s a blessing to have thousands of sisters who share the same Christian Belief as I.

I am Blessed to be able to travel the world and meet up with these amazing women and share stories and help them with tools and Tips for their business.

I recently have visited and met up with girls in Lakeland, Fl, Amelia Island,Fl, Tallahassee,Fl and Sebring,Fl.  So excited to watch my home state of Florida grow.

If you are looking for a sisterhood to share stories, hang out, have fun, pray for each other and just inspire one another then u should join us here at Team Shine On Plunder Design. So many women with so many stories that need to be shared and what a wonderful way to be able to share your story through jewelry.

Shine On,

Tonya XO

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