Freedom of working for myself

I started my day volunteering at my daughters school. Then we ended our day getting our nails done, shopping and Panera of course. Having the Freedom to work when I want is priceless. This SMILE melts my heart and I am grateful to make memories with my daughter on my terms,not around someone else’s schedule.

If you are just living life through the motions and not capturing the moments or missing all the moments because your tied to a desk 9-5 then you need to ask yourself is this what you really want for your life.  Trust me there is so much more out there. The options and potential is limitless. Don’t sell yourself or your family short for a job that predicts how you will love your life. You my dear are worthy and deserve so much more.

If you would like to meet some amazing women and hear how Plunder is changing their life join us and enjoy some sweet treats from me. Take time and be STILL and God will show you his journey for you.

Shine On



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