A- MAY-zing is what I know May will be for us Plunder sisters 

Hands down my girls continue to amaze me. Every month I think it can not get better and BAM they’ve gone above and beyond and achieved the greatest. It makes my ❤️ Smile to see my girls achieve their Goals and push theirselves to new levels.  

Our April Sales were off the chart over $2,600,000.00 to be exact. What almost 3 MILLION that’s some serious bling slinging.

We added 704 New Amazing Stylist and already added 21 new girls just today. We are growing strong and still such a Huge opportunity.  Just a little over 9,000 Plunder stylsit nation wide Did I say HUGE opportunity?

So excited to see what a Marvelous May we will have. Here’s some Fun Free Incetives my girls will be working towards. Kate Spade, Ray Ban and Matilda Jane hello you can’t go wrong with any of those FREE 

If you Love Free Goodies, a Huge encouraging sisterhood, extra income and haven’t heard of Plunder and would like to hear more. I would love to share with you.  Drop me a message here and we can schedule a call.

Shine On



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