Which Would You Choose??

I love how Plunder recently gave us combined sets to choose from-makes shopping my site such a breeze! For WHICH WOULD YOU CHOOSE WEDNESDAY, I have to know which of these three sets would you choose? #1, #2 or #3?

2Q==-2 copy.jpg

This set includes: Grace Necklace 32″, Ammon Bracelet 7.5″ — 9.5″ adjustable, and Jennie Earrings 1″ drop.


This set includes: Kimberly Necklace 32″ , Barbara Bracelet 8″ adjustable, and Attina Earrings .75″ studs.


This set includes: Evelyn Nicole Necklace 17″ — 20″ adjustable, Chalon Bracelet 9″, and Jess Mo Earrings .75″ studs.

to view more Perfectly Plunder Sets, click the link below

tonya shop

2Q==-2 copy.jpg

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