What is your Passion

I love asking women what is their Passion?  What is it that makes them push themselves to share their passion with the world.  Is it mission work, mentoring young women, sharing their beliefs, helping the hurting or what?  Mine is helping women find the strength in themselves to BELIEVE… Believe they are Worthy, that they can achieve their Dreams, that they have soo much to offer. My passion helping thousands of women to GROW and reach for their dreams is the most rewarding thing I can do in life.

Seeing these SMILES reminds me of their personal story and journey.  To be a part of their journey and know that I helped in some way is more rewarding than anything to me.  I had the pleaseure to see my friends and be reminded of WHAT MY PASSION IS…..

I was able to have my family be part of my adventure and meet these amazing women and see why my Passion is so BIG for these women.  To have my family and my extended family be part of this journey is more of a blessing than I can ask for.

I’ll forever be grateful for these women and being able to be part of their story. May your PASSION be Strong and may it help others.  I’ll leave you with this amazing quote that was shared with me this weekend.

“Leaders must always put their people before themselves.  If you do that your business will take care of itself.” Sam Walton

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