Halter and High Waisted


Spending one month at the beach with my daughter has to be the most liberating feeling ever! True FREEDOM… there’s nothing like it I tell ya. So you know my love for all things fashion, and you might giggle but below you see one of my 3 suitcases I brought. Pictured you will see a ton of swim suits.. to save you a headache i’ll go ahead and tell you that I packed 1 swimsuit per day… put it all together and that’s 31 swimsuits!

I’ll be the first to tell you not every single one of these were purchased with this month long vacation in mind. That would just be silly- or would it ;)? These are swim suits I have collected throughout the past few years but my favorites are of course what’s hot and trendy in the swim suit fashion world.

Spend 5 minutes out on this beach and you would agree with me that the latest and greatest fashion trend in swim wear for women is high rise and halter tops! You can count on it that I have several of those because you know I have to be styling!


Laying out, catching rays and finding you some great links to shop for your vacation/summer swim wear. Out of all of my searching these have to be my favs I have come across. PS: click the pics to take you to the retailers online site to check them out in more detail!





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