wardrobe malfunctions and how to fix them

So we always talk about fashion, what’s hot and what’s definitely not. I couldn’t let another week pass by with out sharing some of these FAB wardrobe malfunction solutions and the ever dreaded “spilling something on your new outfit” and how to remove.

First, let’s talk about tackling the ever dreaded stains on your fav outfits.


I found this while browsing the web a few weeks ago and I would have to say that I tried the lipstick on your tee mishap and it works! There’s nothing more aggravating that applying lipstick only to drop the tube and once it hits your shirt– you have a hot mess for days. I poured rubbing alcohol on the stain on my tee before throwing it in the washing machine…. and good news! The shirt came out looking BRAND spankin’ new.


The tips and tool sheet you see above would be great to print out and place somewhere in your laundry room…hint hint.


How about finding a pair of pants you love only to find out when trying them on they are too long… UGH! I hate that too! However, who really has time to drop off to a seamstress these days? If you’re an on the go girl like me you will love this “life saving” hack I always use. Works like a charm, and is cheap, too!


Using duct tape to hem


pants hem 3.jpg

Hemming your pants with duct tape is pretty simple.

You will need to put on the pair of pants (inside out) you are needing to quickly hem, and roll them up to where you want them to hit on your lower leg by your foot, carefully take them off, take strips of duct tape (about 3 inches) and place around the fold. (I suggest laying them out on a flat surface to apply the strips of tape.)


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