Target Hacks every fashionista should know…

Hello… if we have had the pleasure of meeting one another you know I LOVE TARGET! Perhaps we even met at Bullseye’s Playground 😉 whether we have or not, I must share this fabulous-ness or as I like to call it “the inside scoop” inside the 4 walls at your local Target…

So they skipped Saturday and and Sunday… eh it’s whatever. Check out the fabulous markdowns you can find Monday-Friday…


Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 11.06.30 PM.png

and… hello how did I not know this one?


So a little summary… On Tuesdays, that’s when we should shop for our fab clothing styles that I keep you up to date with. Stay Tuned… next Wednesday, I’ll share my success on Tuesday’s clothing mark downs and show you an outfit I will purchase and break down the costs for ya!

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