How to remove stains from your favorite pair of Leather boots

It’s almost time to pull out your FALL BOOTS!

Have you ever had a favorite pair of boots and for the life of you couldn’t get the stains out? Well don’t you stress any longer.. here’s a trick I learned that removes the stains from your leather boots:

How to Remove Salt Stains from Leather Boots


First, you will need:

1. A Shoe Brush

2. Body Soap

3. A Spray Bottle

4. Vinegar

5. Hair Conditioner

6. Towel

7. Leather Boot Waterproofing Spray

picture 1 - salt stain one b.jpg

picture 2 brushing - salt stain one c.jpg

First brush off your boots. We’re going to do this to remove any big pieces of dirt and debris to make it easier to clean.

soap and cloth - salt stain one b.jpg

Then take your favorite gentle body soap, water, and a towel and gently clean off your leather boots.

picture 3.5 - vinegar in water - salt stains one b.jpg

Next, prepare your water and vinegar solution, the agent that’s really going to do the trick to remove those salt stains. Take a spray bottle and add half parts water and half parts vinegar to the bottle and shake it up to create the perfect mixture.

picture 4 vinegear - salt stain one b.jpg

Next, spray the mixture from your spray bottle onto your boots particularly where your pesky salt stains are.

picture 3 washing cloth - salt stain one copy b.jpg

Then, wipe clean your boots with water just to remove any excess vinegar that might be drying to your boots.

picture 5 - conditioner - salt stain one b.jpg

To replenish the moisture that can be lost from using vinegar on leather boots take some of your favorite hair conditioner and spread it liberally to your leather boots. Then wipe clean your boots again if necessary to remove any excess moisture. Balance is the key.

picture 6 - waterproofing - salt stain one b.jpg

Lastly spray a waterproof spray onto your boots to protect them from new water stains or salt stains. I’m using Kiwi’s Protect-All for leather and fabrics which I got at Target for $7.50.


And then you’re done. Your boots should be looking good, as good as new and should stay looking this good for a long, long time.

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