Let’s talk Velvet 

Velvet is back ya’ll and it is the hottest rage right now! Who would of thought that this 90’s fad would come back around again? Let’s check out some of this fall’s latest velvet pieces that are sure to make you feel super soft, and CUTE!
You can find Velvet in long flowy tunics….

You can find them as button ups…

Your basic sweatshirts…I mean because we really need a velvet sweatshirt to rock at the gym. 

Freshen up your denim blazer this year with a trendy velvet one….this emerald green in bangin!! 

And for those who thought leggings were just a passing phase. Think again…leggings are here to stay and they will move with the fashion trends….

AND one of the most affordable places I have found for Velvet shopping this year…is none other than TARGET!!!!!! 
Yes ladies!!! Tar-jay has jumped on the velvet train!!!
Snag you a Target basic velvet T $12.99 and a pair of velvet slip on sneakers $19.99 while you are at it!!!!

And to top of your shopping experience…snag you a Red Velvet Cake Crème Frappuccino​ ​Blended Crème from Starbucks before shopping. 🙂 

Ahhhhh!!!!! This is getting better and better. think I’m gonna jump on the Velvet train this fall ladies. What about you??

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