Summer Giveaway

I believe it is time for a SUMMER GIVEAWAY!!!

It’s hot outside so what better way to celebrate the heat….than to gift some HOT happy mail!

Who needs some new summer pieces to add to their wardrobe??

Two fab ladies this week will be my lucky winners!



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Shout out to these Divas

A new month! June!! Sunshine and Summer!!! A perfect time to SHINE!!!! And what better way to kick off this month with shining the spotlight on some more fabulous women on my team!!!!

First up is Lisa Lynch!!

Lisa is a wife and mom to two amazing kids!! She is an instructional technology coach in an elementary school district and she LOVES every minute of it! She first discovered Plunder at a jewelry party she attended and she signed up as a Stylist immediately after. She has been with Plunder just a little over a year now. She has grown her team and ranked up to a One Star Peep since then!! She did not really have plans to grow a team, but as many of her friends saw the benefits and flexibility of Plunder they started joining her! Now they are all working together and helping other women discover their love of Plunder too!!!

Next I want to introduce you to fabulous Janeen Rose!

Janeen wanted to share her story in honor of her husband! They went through a VERY tough situation going on 5 years ago. Something that was extremely detrimental to their finances, their livelihoods, their children and their marriage! She came across Plunder, and she took the leap of faith and started selling Plunder while her husband was away in a very unfortunate circumstance. During this time…Janeen tried to be strong for her son who was 9 when his Daddy left.  Before her husband left, her son Brady wrote this note and put it on his desk. It has been there since and Janeen wanted to preserve it, and Plunder was her way to do that. She always uses Plunder instead of flowers for memorials and to honor loved ones, and now have so many that contact her to do the same. Janeen says that her and her husband both Love the Lord and would not of made it this far and without Him and God laying Plunder in my lap.  Her husband is home now. The children have their Father back, and their lives have been restored!!!!!! God is good!!!! Janeen want’s everyone to know that very real…good things happen to bad people…never look down on someone unless you are going to pick them up! Wow Janeen!!! That is such an encouraging inspiring story!!! Thank you for sharing it and may God continue to be glorified in your lives!

Brittany Dozier is next on my spotlight list this month….

She is new to Plunder. She recently closed down her clothing boutique and was looking for something fun and fashionable and that she could do on th side. She works at her husband’s insurance agency and this was a great way to have some additional flexible work with also being a mommy to 3 littles. She is so excited to jump on board with Plunder and to see what the future holds!!! Go girl!! Get your SHINE on!!!

Next… Sabrina Butler!!

Sabrina has been with Plunder since October 2016. She will be celebrating upcoming 15 years of marriage to her hubby, and they have 2 children. She has been teaching for 14 years and loves everything about that. She joined Plunder as a way to have a little girl time outside of her busy life of teaching and being a mommy. She currently does not have a team (YET), but she knows GOD has a plan and He will bring the right people along. What she loves most about Plunder is the loving, supportive sisterhood! She said she is on an amazing team, and there isn’t a day that goes by without anyone giving or receiving any type of encouragement. She loves sharing Plunder with my family, friends, and coworkers. What makes the journey worth it is when women tell her that they feel beautiful and amazing when wearing Plunder!!!!!

Now let’s take a look at ……Cindy Pitchford!

Cindy wanted everyone to know that her birthday is April 18, her sons is April 19 and her only grandsons is April 25. She usually has a time where they all celebrate together. This year her son took off work…took her grandson out of school, and they drove 2 and 1/2 hours to surprise her on her own birthday! He dressed up, and brought her a bouquet of flowers!! They came in and she said she literally screamed and cried!!! She was so surprised, and her son and grandson was so excited that they had surprised her! Her grandson crawled up onto her lap and hugged her. He said, ” I surprised you Nana”! She wanted to keep a reminder of that special day so she took a picture of the bouquet and had the Lorena made! Everyone loves it and the story behind it! It is a most precious piece to her ever!

Lastly the gal I wanted to spotlight with for June is Christy Fite!

Christy says she is not good at sharing stories so she just wants to sum it all up for everyone in this….she took the leap of faith because 4 years ago this June she was diagnosed with late stage Lyme Disease. She knew she would no longer be able to work outside of the home and she still wanted to be able too and Plunder could give her that opportunity! We love you Christy and we are praying for you!

I hope you guys were inspired to hear these women this month! Each of them have their own journeys! I am so honored to get to train and equip and lead them! SHINE ON!


May Get Your Shine On Organizational Newsletter

Now that was a busy May. School madness, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day was a lot of fun and Big sales too.

Shine On Organization almost hit

$2 Million in retail sales and added 494 New amazing women to this journey and in our Shine On Organization.

Our amazing company has started a new ramp up program called the Power Start which allows all of us to earn up to $1,000 in rewards from biz tools, to free jewels and cash money. This new program has been a hit so far.

I want to start with a shout out to all of you Amazing Leaders leading your Girls and showing the way. I love seeing leaders growing and moving on up in the TOP 10. This is for all of my Leaders in my SHINE ON Organization.

Let’s start with:

My Top 10 Leaders in Organizational Sales for May. Congrats girls on helping all of your girls be the best that they can be.

Top Personal Sales in Shine On Organization for May is

Top Sponsor in Shine On Organization for May is

Shine On Organization Stylist Spotlight

Is this beautiful girl Nicole Gray. She is such a sweet soul and I am blessed she is one of my daily cheerleaders. I love watching her SHINE.

My Shine On Queen is

This girl Shacristala Jackson. she has the kindest heart ever and wants everyone to succeed. We all are blessed to have her by our side. Wear ur 👑 high.

June is going to be Full of Summer Fun and I’m excited to share these moments with my girls on my team and watch them to continue to grow their business.

Shine On


Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial day is coming up! Time to celebrate the day in RED, WHITE, and BLUE!! But not just any blue…but blue-jeans!!! And not just any blue-jeans…but JORTS!!!

Blue-JEAN-SHORTS…….Jorts! Get it?


Jean shorts are making a comeback!! This summers hottest trend is FREE ladies. Courtesy of a pair of your own winter or fall blue jeans that need a little operation revamp!!!

Pair them with flats, heels, wedges or sandals!! T-shirts, blouse, or a kimono!!! You can’t go wrong!

Check out how some of these ladies are rocking them!!!!

What is your favorite?

Autoships are the Perfect Gift

Mother’s Day was yesterday!! I hope all my Mamas out there enjoyed their special day and got tons of doting by their families!

WE thank you Moms for all your love, support, grace, and care! We honor you all and remember you all!

If you were a little late this year or do not have your mother nearby you and wanted to gift her something special, but just quite didn’t get a chance. I’m gonna hook you up with the perfect gift idea this week that Mom will sure to feel treasured and loved.


Come on…EVERY WOMAN  LOVES getting happy mail!!!

And these are not just any subscription boxes! I scoured the internet to find the latest and greatest monthly box trends that are some of my absolute favorites and they are fabulous, affordable, and sure to make Mama SHINE ON!

1. FAB FIT FUN box- this is the box that sends you the latest fashion, fitness and fun trends of the season! This box is ONLY sent out 4 times a year! So Mom is sure to get every quarter a new surprise in the mail. Although, it is $49 per box. That is only $100 a year! If you can splurge every quarter then get one sent her way. There is a coupon right now to get $10 off first box. Use code FAB10 at check out!

2. Fair Trade Friday Club!! This is one of my favorite monthly subscription boxes! Because it helps empower women globally! Every month Mom will receive a box of fair trade artisan treasures from women around the world. This company seeks to help women in poverty stricken countries by creating jobs for them and their goods are sold through monthly subscription boxes and online! And each box comes with a picture and a story of your Artisan!! It truly is such an awesome mission! This company right now has 3 box subscription options. A bracelet of the month club $14.99, Earrings of the month club $12.99, and a original Fair Trade Friday box $32.99.  You can visit all the box plans and even shop in their online store from previous monthly boxes here:

3. FaithBox- for the Mom who is full of faith or for the Mom that needs some encouragement and to be strengthened. This is the perfect box for her!! It comes with weekly inspirational, action cards and devotionals to help impact and grow their faith in God and has some of the finest curated products from socially responsible companies. Everything is made ethically, and eco-friendly. They are serious about choosing companies who respect and honor God’s creation with their products. AND every box that is purchased also gives back! When you choose to purchase a box the products inside are from companies who help feed a hungry children!!!! They have 3 subscription plan ideas. A monthly, 3 month, or year plan. Priced accordingly. You can check out more of their mission and subscription plans here

4. BirchBox- this company is a beauty box subscription. This is a New York based online company that packs each month full of cosmetics, skin care, fragrances, and hair and nail care essentials in their boxes. You can even get a monthly box tailored directly for MOM based on her beauty needs! This one is definitely for the Mom who wants to beautify and be pampered each month! You can also shop directly at their site with online products. To sign up for this monthly subscription box head here

5. Lastly, Plunder Posse box!!! Does your MOM LOVE JEWERLY and FASHION? Then sign up with me directly at my site! For only $25 which includes tax and shipping your Mom will get 1-3 pieces of exclusive Plunder Jewelry that is not sold online or in the catalog! Super exclusive!! Every month she will have a treasure to look forward to and something to spruce up her wardrobe, compliment her look and complete her outfit!!! I know she will just love it! My Mama does!!! Just head to my site here and click shop and Plunder Posse!!!

I hope you loved all of choices!! Now the question is….which one will you choose to gift Mama with?

Wear your Crown 👑 HIGH

Can you believe it is MAY already?!? Ahh!! Weather is beautiful and so are some of these women I want to showcase from my Plunder Shine On jewelry team this week!!!

First up is….

Julie Franco-Mellow!!!

Julie was first attracted to Plunder because of it’s amazing vintage style and uniqueness, something she has never seen before, and fell immediately in love with it. She says when she first started selling Plunder she was a little bit scared because it took her outside of her comfort zone. She worked in a career field where she had to wear a uniform and the persona often times of this line of work is that women are tough, and strong. But, little did people know inwardly she was not in a very strong place. Inside she felt a place of insecurity and brokenness. God allowed Julie, through Plunder, to let her insecurities and fears go. Plunder gave her a platform to step outside of that. Plunder Design makes it really easy for us to SHINE!! She began to develop relationships and friendships with some dear women that she would of never had the opportunity otherwise if not for Plunder. These friendships have turned into family, and has been such a blessing to her! She wants everyone to know that ~Beautiful.Woman.You.Can.Do.Hard.Things and that you don’t have to be held down by your fears or your past. We can let that go and step out into something beautiful and big. We are allowed to dream and make our dreams come too! And really this is what Plunder has been for her!

Next I want to highlight McKenna Erwin!

McKenna first joined Plunder back in March of last year. When she first started Plunder she was a single mom and not living her best life. Since finding Plunder she has gotten married to her husband and they had their second baby!! She has found her new purpose in leading and motivating women to their fullest potential through beautiful jewelry!!

Congrats McKenna!!! Shine on!!!

Jamie Pearson is up next!

Jamie is a wife, dog Mom and full time student at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky! She is in the Administration Healthcare program hoping to one day become a Facility Administrator in an Assisted Living and Long-term care center. She joined Plunder little over a year ago because she wanted it to be a source of extra income for her family while she left her full-time job to finish school, but it’s been truly so much more than that. She has gained so many friendships with so many wonderful women with “whys” just like hers to start their business with a little financial boost. She can not imagine what she would of done before Plunder because it’s taught her to grow so much as a person, woman and a boss lady! She loves her career with Plunder and can’t wait to see where it will take her in life.

Incredible girl!!! Praying for all your future success!! You will go so far!

Now I want to introduce you to Ashley Shaw!

Ashley ranked up to Moxie status during the “race to Moxie challenge” while she was undergoing brain surgeries! Since joining (18 brain surgeries later) she has formed a team of 19 Plunder Stylists! She has worked this business from her hospital bed, while no other business opportunity would of afforded her the ability to do so. She gives her Plunder business goals over to God because she knows He supplies every need! She is just shy on her 1 year Plunderversary, and as she lays again in a hospital bed she is reminded by her Plunder sisters and teammates that this is God’s journey and it is never really hers. She want’s to encourage women to seek Him first in EVERYTHING and He will lay the paths He wants you to go. She is so thankful for the flexibility and sisterhood and the never-ending possibilities Plunder has given her in some of the most trying years of her life!!

Ashley! I admire your courage and strength. God is so so good!! You just seriously amaze me and I am so honored to know you and have you on my team!!!!

Bring back the 80’s

Just when you thought one of the trademarks of the 80’s and early 90’s was gonna stay put in that decade…then you definitely don’t understand the model and mode of fashion…’s basically history….and history repeats itself!!

Ladies…say “Hello” again to High Waisted Jeans!!

Yes!! It’s making a comeback girl!

Old navy, Macy’s, TJ MAXX, and places like Target are all carrying them this spring.

Ladies embrace your shape and snag you a pair!!

Wear your Crown High

April spotlight is this week! And I have some girls who I can not wait to showcase!!!

First up is, Marisa Smith, who is a small town gal from a sweet little place in South Carolina!!

Marisa joined Plunder just for fun last February! She is a stay at home wife to a Truck Driver. She said because of her hubby’s job that keeps him on the road, that joining Plunder was a great way for her to gain some friends, and earn a little extra money in the process. “Plunder has opened up so many doors for me, and it has helped me overcome social anxiety”, she adds.  What a blessing Marisa!! Thankful to have you on my team!!

Next spotlight gal is Elisa Flesher!

Elisa wants to share 5 whys she chose to Plunder!!! 1. Her hard working Husband. 2. Her only daughter is getting married in June! 3. Her college son has a bright future in baseball. 4. Her twins who keep her and her hubby on their toes and they both need braces, and 5. One twin is in need of a hip surgery. These are the reasons why she chose to jump on board my team, and earn extra money to help her family!

But I want to add…not only is your sons baseball future bright, but so is your Plunder future Elisa!!! Excited to see you succeed and meet your families finanical needs!!

Next gal is Linetta Cain!

Linetta’s story is that 2 years ago this month, which is her “Plunderversary”, she noticed a friend doing a LIVE video showing her new business kit pieces. She has always loved jewelry, “so it definitely caught her eye immediately”, she says. Linetta winded up messaging her friend doing the LIVE show and signed up to join Plunder that day! She loved the idea of earning her own free jewelry and never really thought about making it an actual business of her own. But God has plans! Wooohoo!!!!!!!!!!!! She has loved the amazing team, the friendships made, and the growth God has given her through joining Plunder. It has truly blown her mind! She says, “it truly is a blessing to share Plunder everyday!”  Ahh!! I love stories that go from just loving the jewelry to never really wanting to make a business out of it to BAM!!! Flourishing! You go girl!! ❤

I can’t wait to share about this girl….up next is Jhylia Eagle

Jhylia wanted me to share her why- HER AMAZING GIRLS! She says that life has taken her down many dark winding roads, but she kept heading towards the light at the end of the tunnel. She felt as if she was going through the motions lots of times as a Mom, and often forgot about herself in the process. Plunder has given her the opportunity to find herself and allow her to be the motion and it has changed her and her girls lives for the better! She is showing her girls that faith and grace ALWAYS WINS, to always feel blessed with your story. “That’s the fiber of life”, she says!

WOW! Girl! I am amazed at you! Keep shining that light!

Last lovely gal I can’t wait to showcase is Robyn Whitlow!!

Robyn told me she has always been one to start something and not finish it and she would push away so many opportunities because she thought they were too hard. “Staying in that cycle of repeating the same behaviors over and over again can make one feel like a failure and leave you feeling empty and insecure”, she says”  Thankfully thought God was fed up with seeing His child viewing herself this way and brought Plunder into her life! She remembers the peace God gave her when she prayed over her business one night as she was sitting on the couch crying out to Him. He assured her…she was NOT a failure!!! She needed to trust Him in this journey and that is EXACTLY what she did! Robyn says God has blessed her much more than she could have ever imagined and He continues to amaze her everyday! Her WHY- is being able to smile again and not fake it! To hit a quota and be proud of it! And to look into a mirror and LOVE the person looking back!!!

AH!!! AMEN Robyn!!! LOVE this testimony! Thank you for being so vulnerable to share!!! God bless you sweet girl!

You see why I just LOVE these girls? They ALL have such an awesome story and I love being able to see Plunder be apart of that!! What a blessing to help lead these women!


March Get Your Shine On Girls Organizational Newsletter

Now that was a March Madness month so many sales and FUN.

Shine On almost hit $3,000,000 in retail sales and added 667 New amazing women to this journey and my Shine On Organization.

I’m all about a Great Sponsoring promo and this months is amazing. New stylist from 4/1-4/15 will receive 2 different Stylist kits for the price of one. Woo Hoo. Be sure to reach out to your stylist to find out all the details.

I want to start with a shout out to all of you Amazing Leaders leading your Girls and showing the way. I love seeing leaders growing and moving on up in the TOP 10. This is for all of my Leaders in my SHINE ON Organization.

Let’s start with:

My Top 10 Leaders in Organizational Sales for March. Congrats girls on helping all of your girls be the best that they can be.

Top Personal Sales in Shine On Organization for March is

Top Sponsor in Shine On Organization for March is

Shine On Organization Stylist Spotlight

Is this sweet girl Breanna Lacy. She is so full of LOVE and is always cheering me and others on. Keep SHINING GIRL XO

My Shine On Queen is

This girl Sheila Jacobi. Not only has she been by my side since the beginning but she is always consistent in her biz and sharing the Plunder Love. Wear ur 👑 high.

April is always a HUGE month for us I’m excited to watch all of our girls grow and rank up this month. Here’s to an AMAZING APRIL.

Shine On



Target is my JAM

Let’s just cut to the chase this week gals! We gotta talk about this line of clothing that I recently have fallen in love with and guess where from…..TARGET!!!!!!!!

Knox Rose?

Have you heard of it? Oh my word! This line is super boho chic and has such an upsale designer boutique feel! This line reminds me of a mix between Matilda Jane and Anthropolgie!!! Best part is that their prices are crazy affordable too! You won’t go breaking the bank on these pieces!! Truly a price for every girl!

Right now they have the most fabulous spring dresses out and most of these dresses are just $29.99!!

Pop some fun wedges or even the blue jean style sandals from last weeks blog would be super cute!! You could totally have fun for hours mixing and matching some amazing looks!!!