Graphic T’s

Graphics T’s have really been making a coming back in recent years. What use to be something that every hipster and video gaming nerd alike seemed to make a part of their daily wardrobe is now the basic go to T for women in all walks of life. 
Some of the most trendiest ways to wear a basic graphic T are paired with a cute duster cardigan, jeans, along with some fun flats. 

Now women are taking it to the office!!! That’s right T-shirts have gone corporate attire. Business casual just got a whole new meaning…check out how you can dress UP or down any basic graphic T outfit this fall…

Don’t think the cold shoulder top was just a summer fling. This little peek a boo trend is making it’s way into fall season near you.
It’s basically like having the best of both worlds…for those who can’t seem to let summer go, but want to dive into fall. It’s truly a hot trend this year all around. 
Let’s take a look at some fall cold shoulder top looks shall we….

Which one was your fave? 
I loved them all, but what would really put the icing on the cake would be cashmere!! Ah!!! 

Let’s talk Velvet 

Velvet is back ya’ll and it is the hottest rage right now! Who would of thought that this 90’s fad would come back around again? Let’s check out some of this fall’s latest velvet pieces that are sure to make you feel super soft, and CUTE!
You can find Velvet in long flowy tunics….

You can find them as button ups…

Your basic sweatshirts…I mean because we really need a velvet sweatshirt to rock at the gym. 

Freshen up your denim blazer this year with a trendy velvet one….this emerald green in bangin!! 

And for those who thought leggings were just a passing phase. Think again…leggings are here to stay and they will move with the fashion trends….

AND one of the most affordable places I have found for Velvet shopping this year…is none other than TARGET!!!!!! 
Yes ladies!!! Tar-jay has jumped on the velvet train!!!
Snag you a Target basic velvet T $12.99 and a pair of velvet slip on sneakers $19.99 while you are at it!!!!

And to top of your shopping experience…snag you a Red Velvet Cake Crème Frappuccino​ ​Blended Crème from Starbucks before shopping. 🙂 

Ahhhhh!!!!! This is getting better and better. think I’m gonna jump on the Velvet train this fall ladies. What about you??

Top 10 For Fall 2017

Here are the Top 10 Colors for Fall 2017 released from Pantone:


and here are some of my favorite outfit inspirations based on Pantone’s Top Ten:

(PS: click the images to shop these darling fall outfits!)









15 Classic Fall Fashion Staples to Invest In

15 Classic Fall Fashion Staples to Invest In:

That’s right y’all. I am certain you can tell by now, especially with all of these fashion tips for Fall, that it is my favorite season of all!


It’s time you treat yourself, girl because you know you deserve it and invest in these top 15 staples that are so versatile for this upcoming season!



I have began checking the 15 off my list, and I have found several of these from this list I have gathered around at my local mall and of course Target! What are your top 5 from this list that you know you can’t go this Fall without?


Two of the most common mistakes in fashion

I think you could agree with me when I say we all want to dress to look our best, wearing accessories and shoes to make our appearance appear thinner, or what have you. You wouldn’t believe it, but these two (shoes and accessories) are often the error in our fashion. Yes, there are certain necklaces to wear with certain necklines. There are certain shoes to wear with certain skirt, pant, capri and short lengths to give us the best optical illusions of appearing our best.

Take a glance at these two charts I have put together for you:6a326a8b86bad937d5090b1d1303dadc.jpg


Save these to your device and refer back to them when you are putting together your outfit! I hope this helps! XO Tonya

Outfits inspired from the TOP Colors for this Fall




Pantone has released their Top Color Trends for this fall so you know I put my mind to work in finding the trendiest outfits on Pinterest so I can begin shopping for similar items! The internet will tell you just about anything, so instead of making fashion hard for yourself, start using Pinterest as a tool to easily inspire yourself for outfits to stay on top of fashion!b0ca95f6487fafeb8b7c9a34884279ec.jpg

Cardigans are all over the place… literally! So when you are browsing for fall wardrobe, pick up a few cardigans! Here are some inspirational outfits I have found to be my fav yet so far:




Cardigan, Distressed Skinnies and Booties! I’m all about it!

What are some of your favorite Fall Fashion Trends you have seen circling around?

The right way to wear boots this fall…


Girl, Don’t let me catch you out and about or see pics on Facebook with you looking cute but not cuffing and tucking those jeans right with your boots. I thought I might help you all out on this subject a little as we are approaching boot and scarf weather!




and lastly, do you own a million pair of non skinny jeans and have ever had the urge to wear them with boots but can’t get the jean to fit inside the boot the right way? Worry no more… heres a quick guide on how to tuck non skinny jeans into boots:


I hope this helps you in every way possible!

How to remove stains from your favorite pair of Leather boots

It’s almost time to pull out your FALL BOOTS!

Have you ever had a favorite pair of boots and for the life of you couldn’t get the stains out? Well don’t you stress any longer.. here’s a trick I learned that removes the stains from your leather boots:

How to Remove Salt Stains from Leather Boots


First, you will need:

1. A Shoe Brush

2. Body Soap

3. A Spray Bottle

4. Vinegar

5. Hair Conditioner

6. Towel

7. Leather Boot Waterproofing Spray

picture 1 - salt stain one b.jpg

picture 2 brushing - salt stain one c.jpg

First brush off your boots. We’re going to do this to remove any big pieces of dirt and debris to make it easier to clean.

soap and cloth - salt stain one b.jpg

Then take your favorite gentle body soap, water, and a towel and gently clean off your leather boots.

picture 3.5 - vinegar in water - salt stains one b.jpg

Next, prepare your water and vinegar solution, the agent that’s really going to do the trick to remove those salt stains. Take a spray bottle and add half parts water and half parts vinegar to the bottle and shake it up to create the perfect mixture.

picture 4 vinegear - salt stain one b.jpg

Next, spray the mixture from your spray bottle onto your boots particularly where your pesky salt stains are.

picture 3 washing cloth - salt stain one copy b.jpg

Then, wipe clean your boots with water just to remove any excess vinegar that might be drying to your boots.

picture 5 - conditioner - salt stain one b.jpg

To replenish the moisture that can be lost from using vinegar on leather boots take some of your favorite hair conditioner and spread it liberally to your leather boots. Then wipe clean your boots again if necessary to remove any excess moisture. Balance is the key.

picture 6 - waterproofing - salt stain one b.jpg

Lastly spray a waterproof spray onto your boots to protect them from new water stains or salt stains. I’m using Kiwi’s Protect-All for leather and fabrics which I got at Target for $7.50.


And then you’re done. Your boots should be looking good, as good as new and should stay looking this good for a long, long time.

Target Hacks every fashionista should know…

Hello… if we have had the pleasure of meeting one another you know I LOVE TARGET! Perhaps we even met at Bullseye’s Playground 😉 whether we have or not, I must share this fabulous-ness or as I like to call it “the inside scoop” inside the 4 walls at your local Target…

So they skipped Saturday and and Sunday… eh it’s whatever. Check out the fabulous markdowns you can find Monday-Friday…


Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 11.06.30 PM.png

and… hello how did I not know this one?


So a little summary… On Tuesdays, that’s when we should shop for our fab clothing styles that I keep you up to date with. Stay Tuned… next Wednesday, I’ll share my success on Tuesday’s clothing mark downs and show you an outfit I will purchase and break down the costs for ya!