Tis the Season

​If you are looking for super fun stocking stuffers or the perfect little mini gift for that ​girl that literately has it ALL…..well she may not have this…….

PS I gave some of these in my Leaders Swags Bags at our Leader Retreat and I would say they loved them❤️


They are the hottest new little trend this year! Many ladies are rocking them in all types of patterns, and colors!! 

For those avid knitters out there Pinterest has several free patterns available but you can also check out several ETSY shops that make the most adorable ones for a great handmade price!

Now ladies can have the best of both worlds, their hair up and off their neck, and their ears warm!!! You can get them monogrammed and buy coordinating scarves and gloves to go with! You can even accessorize it! Add bows, and clips to create extra cuteness!!

What will they come up with next?! 

To check out several links and shops that are carrying this gem below!! 



December 2017 Newsletter 

December Get Your Shine On Girls    Organizational NewsLetter.
To say I’m speechless would be an understatement. I’m sitting here in awe after an amazing record breaking month. Shine On Organization just broke the biggest month in Plunder history.  Along with all the amazing sales came many rank ups 356 to be exact.

Shine On did $4, 500,000.00 in retail sales and sponsored 371 Girls and had 356 Rank ups. Shine On also had three amazing women hit the top of Our comp plan and leadership this month.  It’s been an amazing ride with these ladies and I am so proud of all of their success.  Special shout out to these women Wendye Sumner, Shana Hice and Wendy Kernea they are our newest 4 Star Peeps.

We currently have 12,271 girls in our Shine On Organization and I have no doubt this month we will be adding a lot of amazing talented women who will be capatalizing on our sign up promo.

 I want to start with a shout out to all of you Amazing Leaders leading your Girls and showing the way. 

Let’s start with:

My Top 10 Leaders in Organizational Sales they are below in order from Top to Bottom. Congrats girls on helping all of your girls be the best that they can be. 

Top Sales in Shine On Organization is 

Top Recruits in Shine On Organization is

Shine On Stylist Spotlight 
Is this amazing stylist Kristi Harrison.  Since the day she started we have connected and she brings joy to All that she comes in contact with. I’m so grateful for her Sweet and caring self. XO

Shine On Leader Spotlight

Is this sweet girl Mary Beasley. She always has a smile and leads her team with Grace. O have no doubt she will continue to grow and reach the Top of leadership. I am so grateful for her.

I could go on for days about every single one of these amazing women. I thank God for every single women in Plunder and that he choose me to be the one to mentor them and help in his journey for them.

For December I am encouraging my girls to give and be that lending hand during the season. We have started many give back plans along with 12 days of Christmas.  I of course will have to play Santa some also and give back some of my favorite things. I mean all girls love shoes, purses and Tiffany of course 😃

May you have a Blessed Christmas and share the love with many as God has called us to do.

Shine On



Oh that Velvet 

Let’s revisit Velvet this week shall we? And not just velvet…but RED velvet!! 
Christmas is less than a month away, and nothing screams Christmas fashion to me this year than RED velvet!
I can not get over this stunning red velvet wrap dress!!!! It is screaming Christmas morning to me! Is this not just GORGEOUS!?!! It keeps popping up on my Facebook timeline, and Pinterest wall daily! Just itching for me to click that buy button!
I mean….it is so versatile too! I would wear this around the house, wrap after I go out of the shower, to church, date night, post office…..ha! Where would you wear it?

And what about these shoes??!!!! Throw on a fabulous white chiffon blouse, with some skinny jeans and these red velvet pointers with that pop of green! Ah!!! Mrs. Clause meets Marie Antoinette 

— ​Lastly, this purse!!!!! Makes any look, seem rich, warm, and screams ready for Christmas! What about you….would you rock this purse?

I’ve just shared 3 different RED velvet faves of the holiday season!!! So which one was your favorite?
Comment below and tell me if you had one item to wear every Christmas….what would be your go to piece out of the 3?

Black Friday Fun Day 

Our week of Thanks is here!! Thursday we will all gather around the table with those we love and break bread and be reminded of so much we have to be thankful for!!! And after we eat and feast we will hit the bed to only many of us to spring to our feet at more than wee hours in the morning to snag the BEST deals and steals!!!! 

So this week of thanks! I want to be THANKFUL for sales!!! Because my pocket book sure does thank YOU Black Friday! 

To help with your Black Friday shopping endeavors this year I found this awesome Black Friday organizing shopping list!! ​It is a completely free printable! ​A great way to keep track of your purchases and savings! 


                                 A​lso! I composed a TOP 10 list of some of THE BEST fashion deals going on this week!
1. Fabkids.com is having 2 pairs of shoes for $9.95 plus FREE SHIPPING!! ​

2. 30% savings on Amazon with UGG women’s boots!!! http://www.amazon.com

3. H&M is having up to 60% off their winter wardrobe!!! http://www.hm.com/us/products/men/usoffer2
​4. Get 50% off your entire OldNavy/Gap purchase!!! http://oldnavy.gap.com/
5. ​JCrew is taking an extra 40% off select clearance items and 50% off purchases!!! ​factory.jcrew.com

6. Lane Bryant is doing 40% off sitewide!!! lanebryant.com
​7. Macy’s is doing several HUGE SALES! Hop on over to their site to catch some sneak peeks! http://www.macys.com
8.Ulta is doing Beauty Busters starting Thanksgiving night…50% off Urban Decay, $10 on Buxom, Smashbox, and Bare mineral mini kits!! Can you say stocking stuffers!!! http://www.ulta.com

9. QVC is having several special christmas value sets and enter black friday sweepstakes!! http://www.qvc.com
10. Sally Beauty is offering $15 off select styling tools!! Great savings!!! http://www.sallybeauty.com
So snag your organizing list and get to list making!!! Hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving! 

One style that will never go out of style 

Starting off our second week of Thanks, and today I want to give thanks to a particular piece of clothing that has truly stood the test of time. This piece has been such an important style of comfort and peace in almost nearly in western wardrobe. The history of the cardigans dates back to the mid 1800’s. James Thomas Bruendell who was the 7th Earl of Cardigan during the Crimean War…who also the sweater is named after. Worn by men and women. It is also worn by Seniors and children. It has never lost its influence in fashion. One of the most famous recent persons in history to popularize the cardigan is our friendly neighborhood guy….Mr. Rodgers. 

But did you know Coco chanel actually was the one who invented the women’s cardigan style dress? You go Coco!

So we give thanks to Mr. Bruendell and to that piece of historical fashion that will keep it’s place for many more years to come!!! 


Style Icon

This is the month of Thanksgiving and I would love to highlight in this month of thanks each week a fashion style or icon in the industry that made a great contribution to our style of dress in fashion history.
Today, I’d like to highlight a woman who is mysteriously gorgeous and this fashion guru was famous for introducing to the world of fashion the simplicity of black and white and my famously, “the little black dress”.

Coco Chanel, was born August 19, 1883, in Saumur, France. Growing up as an orphan she learned the trade of sewing and began designing and hand making clothes, and opened her own little clothing boutique in 1910. She eventually in the 1920’s launched her first perfume, introduced the trademark Chanel suit, and the timeless and famous little black dress.

Her style was very simple, yet sophisticated. She was often seen wearing several strands of pearls. She once said about style, “dress shabbily and they remember the dress. Dress impeccably and they remember the woman”. Isn’t that true! We remember you Coco!

She brought a sense of style that shook up the post-world war 1 era with liberating women from the constraints that the corsets silhouette laid on women dress.

She has invaded every sector of fashion to jewelry, shoes, make up, handbags, and fragrances.

Her contributions are highly revered and remembered in the fashion industry, and we as women owe her many thanks for her design and work!  

October 2017 Newsletter

November Get Your Shine On Girls Organizational News Letter.
What a OFF THE CHART OCTOBER it was. We beat September’s numbers and we beat last years 2016 October numbers. Way to work and Grow your business.

I know I always say how every month I am Amazed by all of you and know that it’s still true. I always think there will be a month where I will not be shocked or surprised but it hasn’t come yet and honestly I don’t think I ever will. I love watching, feeling and being part of your momentum every month and excitement of achieving your goals thank you for allowing me to be part of that.
We did $2,700,000.00 in retail sales and sponsored 306 Girls and had 239 Rank Ups🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Way to work your Plinder Biz. We currently have 12,082 girls in our Shine On Organization.  

I want to start with a shout out to all of you Amazing Leaders leading your Girls and showing the way. 

Let’s start with:

My Top 10 Leaders in Organizational Sales they are below in order from Top to Bottom. Congrats girls on helping all of your girls be the best that they can be.  

Top Sales in Shine On Organization is 

Top Recruits in Shine On Organization is

Incentive Winners Sponsoring Target GC

1. Anastacia O’Neill 

2. Alexa Kelley 

3. donna Golden 

4. Julie roper 

Stylist Spotlight Biz Tools

Shedona Fruge

Leader Spotlight Hunter Boots

Gina Cormier 

So excited to watch you all make a Notorious November. I know there will be tons of rank ups and I can’t wait to help and cheer you on. Make your Goals now and let’s DO IT.

I personally will be doing a Giveback program for November and all of my incentives will be giving back to Organizations that help others and give back.  Crowned Free is the one I picked for November and I am excited to be an extending hand to this organization.  I also will be giving back daily to my stylist and to my customers so stay tuned for some fun.

Here’s a few of my November Giveback Incentives 

Shine On



Fall and Flannels Oh My

Fall Flannels are huge right now. I saw a friend’s post this past weekend that stated she was throwing a Fall Flannel party! Come dressed in your most trendiest flannels! Last week at church I counted 8 people including myself that were dressed in flannels shirts. Finally excited that it is getting even remotely cold enough to slip one on! But what’s even more intriguing and fashion forward with fannels this year is that I am spotting many people pairing it with STRIPES!! 
Yes…you read that right….stripes!!! You would think pattern mixing would be a no-go, but with the rise of Lularoe and some of these other unique pattern mixing companies that have merged in the last couple years, it has given safety to the unconventional and non-traditional. 

Have you jumped on the plaid and flannels trend? If so….share your fave look with me!!!!! 

What does your purse say about you 

Did you know that what purse you carry has a little sneak peek into your personality? Maybe it’s true or maybe it’s just for fun, but according to….www.visualistan.com there is a little something there to the bag of choice.
Let’s see if you can find which bag personality is you?

The Crossbody:

You like to look smart, but remain practical. Comfort is your fashion drug of choice. So the crossbody allows you the freedom and flexibility to be on the go, but still have quick accessibility. It’s as if you want your cake and eat it too. Hehe.

The Satchel:

You are passionate, ambitious and a go-getter. You’re a woman on a mission and your career is important to you. You like to stay up to date with the latest market trends. Nothing catches you by surprise. You may be a tough cookie to handle, but you are super soft and gooey on the inside. 

The Clutch:

You are the epitome of Vogue. You are the life of the party!! You walk into the room and all eyes are on you. You live life fashionably glamorous! And the bigger the clutch the better! 

The Backpack:

You’re the sporty gal, and you are always up for an adventure. Whether it’s chasing kiddos, or rock climbing with the the significant other, you got your trusty backpack ready with all of your essentials for all of your life adventures. 

The Tote:

Preparation is key for you! You literately carry everything, but the kitchen sink in your tote. You love helping others, so you like to load your tote down with items someone may need. It just shows how generous and compassionate you are.

The Hobo:

You just love life. You are laid back. You go with the flow. You can take it or leave it. Your fashion style is whatever is cute and clean at the moment. You see life as a breath of fresh air, instead of not enough time. You inspire many towards simplicity. 

The Bowling Bag:

You like to be in control, but you have a fun side to you that people rarely get to see. You like to hide behind your shell of a bag at times. You have so much to offer you should totally step out from the shell and show us how amazingly you shine!

Lastly, here is me with my bag!!! CAn you guess what personality type I am?? What’s yours? Share and let me know!!!

Graphic T’s

Graphics T’s have really been making a coming back in recent years. What use to be something that every hipster and video gaming nerd alike seemed to make a part of their daily wardrobe is now the basic go to T for women in all walks of life. 
Some of the most trendiest ways to wear a basic graphic T are paired with a cute duster cardigan, jeans, along with some fun flats. 

Now women are taking it to the office!!! That’s right T-shirts have gone corporate attire. Business casual just got a whole new meaning…check out how you can dress UP or down any basic graphic T outfit this fall…